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Class action suit to get money they owe us

There are a lot of us that are getting ripped off by this company. This is not okay. I've been sending in "tickets" for months now and all I've ever gotten in response is their automated response promising that someone will get back to me within 24 hours. No one EVER has. I know there are many more people out there with the same problem. I have several thousand dollars in my account that I would really rather have in my bank account! If anyone has ever accomplished this please let me know how you did it! I've never sued anyone in my life but this is a lot of money and I really want to collect it! If anyone is interested in going the legal route please let me know. If we go in together it may make them pay attention and just pay us our money or if we did go with class action it would be less expensive for each of us.

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This is the first time I have asked a question through this app. So I’m a little new at this. However what I have read is I thought this was a “non cash paying” Poker app. I realize you can buy coins to play the games but as far as real money goes I was under the understanding that it’s just Coins you win, NOT cash?

I bought coins that never appeared in my account.  Seems like we should start putting pressure on Google Play to take the app down, since the developer doesn't seem to be interested or even around.

Yes,I have this problem too. The latest One is I have over 6000 points in my account and all of a sudden they are gone why? What happened to them. Plus where is the money I won? They tell you to “buy” coins but when you win you do not get the money Why?
Waiting for coins i purchased!
To the respected sir or madam many many times I had been trying this just showing from example to night loading full night but no used sir
Kazandığım bilet karşılığını çekmek için ne yapmam gerekiyor. Saygılarımla
You never go full retard...
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