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Overcharged twice

I have the video poker and I purchased the $19.99 for coins and my card got a charge for $39.98???????? Come on- I could have spent $10.00 more and received 3 times more coins- I need my $19.99 overcharge returned I just called my credit card and put the charge on hold- I really am quite concerned as to how many times this may have happened and I didn’t catch it- now I have to go thru my credit card charges and look to see just how much I’ve been over charged since I downloaded the app . I hope someone will contact me- otherwise I will have to put a hold on the total amount until I have researched all the times I have paid and may have been overcharged by 2 times- argh- that could add up quick- not happy

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I bought coins two days ago that never appeared, although the charge has cleared my bank.  Is there any customer support?  My belief is that the email account is only attended by computers - no live person.  The automated response to "tickets" promise a personal response that never occurs.

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