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Coin purchase

Purchased coins today and they did not show in my account.  My bank account has been charged.  Any idea how to resolve this issue??

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I was charged incorrectly. I clicked on $1.99 and was charged $49.99. I expect this to be corrected immediately
When do my funds get put back in my account?

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So much for their great customer service! I have sent Jane a total of three tickets all asking how to retrieve the money that is in my online account with them. It has been a week now and I have not gotten any response from an actual human being. I have gotten their auto responses saying that they will respond to me in person within 24 hours! This obviously has not happened. Does anyone know how to convert the cash on my playing account to actual cash that goes back into my bank?

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Same thing with me Kimberley! So frustrating! 8 days and waiting. Nothing back from them yet.

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It's been months the mail for me. Don't hold your breath! I have thousands of dollars cash in my account So I'm thinking about looking into the legality of what they are doing. This just doesn't seem right! Do you have any idea for what our next step should be?
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